cryptocurrency types

While eachpiece asserts to become one-of-a-kind in its personal technique, most of all cryptocurrencies can be sorted under some of these 4 types:

  1. Store of Value Maintain buying electrical power over time
  2. Digital Unit of currency Used for daily purchases
  3. Utility Token – Made use of for retrieving a service/good
  4. Security Token – Tokenized representation of a real-world resource

Note that these are actually certainly not equally unique categories. A singular coin may fall in muchmore than one group.

1. Store useful Cryptocurrencies

Popular SoV Cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Money

A really good retail store valuable (SoV) cryptocurrency types possesses 3 primary features.

  1. Ability to preserve or increase its potential purchasing power
  2. Cheap to hold
  3. Able to offer or buy quickly (assets)

The Trouble SoV Cryptocurrencies Are Making An Effort to Solve

Traditionally, cash, federal government connects, gold, have actually all been thought about great stores valuable. Yet however, eachhome some insufficiency considering that they are actually either are actually costly to establishment, hard to buy/sell, or their buying power wears down withtime.


Inflation wears down the acquiring power of casheachyear. While it may be a necessary shop of value for the brief and also medium-term, it is not a great alternative for the long-run.

Government Connections

Government bonds are actually liquefied, non-volatile, and traditionally have actually offered a decent rate of yield (2–- 3%). But our team are actually coming close to an environment right now, where government bonds are starting to provide a bad interest rate (-1% annually). If the return on federal government guaranties can not get over rising cost of living, after that they can no longer guarantee the preservation of future obtaining electrical power.

Real real estate

Boom & & Seizure ft. the property pattern

Land & & home are actually inconsistent retail stores valuable considering that they are actually affected throughproperty market value variations. Dryness apart, they are actually not considered liquefied assets. It takes full weeks and also occasionally months to acquire or market an item of real property. Any try to pushliquidation will definitely force the seller/buyer to work out a deal on a discount.


Gold is actually the closest contrast to an SoV cryptocurrency, yet the cost of saving gold is actually muchhigher due to the fact that it is actually a bodily property. According to reports released throughNomura, the lasting average price of stashing gold is close to 2.4% yearly.

The Solution SoV Cryptocurrencies Propose

Secure, and Low-priced to Establishment

Compared to gold, SoV cryptocurrencies are actually muchcheaper to keep. All you require is a components purse, as well as you can practically keep the pieces safe and secure permanently at zero expense. One may also produce the debate that cryptocurrencies are so muchmore protected than gold due to the fact that certainly not even the state can purposely repossess your assets.

Maintaining acquiring power throughneed & & deficiency

Maintaining purchasing power as an SoV cryptocurrency is incredibly difficult since the currencies are actually commonly not fixed to any type of real-world asset. Their price is actually completely identified by the characteristics of requirement & & source in the marketplace. This is actually to claim, if no person wishes an SoV cryptocurrency anymore, the rate will drop to $0.

While any individual can easily make an SoV cryptocurrency, the greatest ones out have a substantial system of customers, homeowners, as well as HODLers. System effects are what bring in SoV cryptocurrencies warrantable. Strong networks always keep the rate steady as well as sticky. The more folks who store SoV cryptocurrencies, the even more requirement, investing volume, and assets as well as price-stability there will certainly be actually.

Bitcoin is a fine example of an SoV cryptocurrency because of its need, liquidity, scarcity, and also affordable price of safe storage space.

Scarcity provides Bitcoin proprietors witha guarantee they will not must think about wonton boosts in the money source, whichwill certainly cause inflation and wear away the obtaining energy of the currency later on.

Bitcoin was designed to have an all-natural inflation rate identical to gold. In 2018, it was 4% a year. In 2020, it will be actually 2%. Eventually, it is going to outline closer as well as more detailed to 0%. Every 4 years usually (210K blocks), the reward provided to Bitcoin miners for including a brand new block is actually halved.

In addition, marketing and acquiring Bitcoin is actually a lot easier than selling or even acquiring a property. cryptocurrency types onramps like Coinbase are actually delivering assets for people making an effort to enter and also out of the market place.

Are Retail Store of Value Cryptocurrencies a Good Financial Investment?

SoV cryptocurrencies that display the features above mentioned are worthwhile. Other SoV cryptocurrencies that put on‘ t have liquidity, demand, or shortage built right into its monetary supply are worthless.

An SoV cryptocurrency is just an advantageous assets if it keeps its own conclusion of the bargain whichis to keep or even increase its obtaining energy as time go on.

2. Digital Currencies

The second sort of cryptocurrencies are actually electronic money, pieces that are designed for day-to-day transactions.

Unlike SoV cryptocurrencies, digital money don‘ t love preserving purchasing electrical power in the long-run, as long as the money‘ s inflation fee approaches cashmoney.

In truth, deflation is normally a negative thing for digital money since that implies everybody will definitely want to secure it rather than utilizing it to purchase items & & solutions. If it ‚ s more effective to hold it than to devote it, at that point you might possess your own self an SoV cryptocurrency instead of a digital money.

Popular Coins that Accommodate This Group:

  • Facebook Libra
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Monero
  • ZCash
  • IOTA