Adults Making Love with Minors – And Just Why It’s Still Not Okay

Adults Making Love with Minors – And Just Why It’s Still Not Okay

Using sexual benefit of a small is usually considered one of the more loathsome things an individual may do in Western tradition. But much like many intimate crimes, people’s viewpoints begin to move if the situation does not match the “perfect target” ideal.

In the event that small is an adolescent, instead of a child that is pre-pubescent in the event that teenager provided spoken permission; in the event that perpetrator is some one we actually, really like and admire. Some of these can move people from “No, that is horrible!” to “Wellll, perhaps it is not too big of a deal.”

Within the David Bowie instance, one complicating element ended up being that the teenager in concern – now an adult – didfeel like she n’t had been harmed because of the experience, plus in fact appears happy and proud about any of it. For two weeks after Bowie’s death (as well as the subsequent resurfacing with this tale), my social media marketing feed had been a tug-of-war whether she knows it or not! between“She was fine, so what Bowie did was fine!” and “Statutory rape is always wrong; she’s a victim”

I don’t think either standpoint is totally proper.

It is not fine to insist that someone determine as a target , or even let them know which they must have now been harmed by one thing if that is perhaps perhaps not their experience. We, myself, possess some friends that has intimate experiences with grownups as they remained teens, and don’t believe that it had been damaging in their mind. A person’s lived experience is constantly valid.

Nonetheless, just because not all teenager is harmed by statutory rape does not imply that it is a fine thing to do. The majority of us understand those that have driven while drunk, and gotten house properly without harming by themselves or anybody. Does that produce drunk driving alright? Continue reading „Adults Making Love with Minors – And Just Why It’s Still Not Okay“