Have a look at Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood

Have a look at Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood

This will be a sex neutral bonnet, that continues on tight to limit your eyesight, scent and hearing, while making the mouth available to awaken your feeling of flavor. The tight, comfortable, breathable bonnet will likely not slip when in position, and that can effortlessly be hand washed in gentle detergent after usage. The sensation of privacy, in conjunction with impaired eyesight and hearing makes this an addition that is welcome any BDSM collection. It slips on effortlessly and it is made to fit many sizes.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Malpractice Mask

Bring your kinkiest “Doctors and Nurses” dream to life with this specific top-quality latex bonnet. The lips is totally covered, aside from a hole that is small assistance with respiration. The eyes and nose are exposed, in addition to skin-tight bonnet is guaranteed with a zipper during the straight straight straight straight back. It’s incredibly shiny, and then we suggest sprinkling some talcum powder in the bonnet that will help you slip it on easier.

Fetish Fantasy Spandex Three-Hole Hood

Extend this one within the mind and secure with a zipper over the straight straight straight back. The lightweight material breathes well, and won’t make you experiencing extremely sweaty or constricted. The lips and eyes stay entirely exposed, so that it’s a hood that is great people who enjoy having each of their sensory faculties available. Then you can easily wash in warm, gentle detergent when finished and make sure you lay it out flat to dry if it gets sticky, stained or wet.


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